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P.O. Box 1491

Thompson Falls, MT 59873



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Annual membership for 2021: $15/person

Sanders County Democrats
P.O. Box 1491

Thompson Falls, MT  59873

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Act Blue Sanders County Democrats

Thank you for your support!

Important notice! Note the Changes! Spread the word!

Building Bridges; Moving Forward

Sunday, November 20
3:00 PM - 5:00 PM

(Please NOTE ~ New Time!!)

Sanders County Fairgrounds Pavillion

Democrats from 7 counties are now involved!

Inspiring Speakers are joining us:

Marc Racicot

Monica Tranel


Nov.14, 2022

Sanders County Democrats Are Gathering

It's Time to Party

It wasn't what we wanted …

Montana’s Legislature has a Republican Supermajority in 2023

… so come!

Learn about how best to effect or impact the 2023 Legislative Session which starts in January

And then join together as we get up and get busy.

Montana’s Redistricting Process is upon us

… so come!

Figure out how best to raise our voices to draw lines that allow for competitive districts.

And then join together as we get up and get busy.

And ~ Let's have some fun, damn it!

  • If you can, bring an hors d'oeuvre, sweet or savory, to share

  • Soft drinks and wine will be provided ~ or BYOB if you like

… so come!

Lick some wounds if you want.

Shout at the sky as needed.

And then join together as we get up and get busy.

We worked damn hard

… so come!

Celebrate our activism.

Meet Dems from around our county and from nearby counties who will be there for a working meeting just prior to this celebration.

It looks promising nationwide

… so come!

Celebrate that!

Give a big hurrah to a party that held the Mid-term elections.

Together We Can Make a Difference!

Mindy Ferrell, Chair

Annual membership for 2021:  $15/person    Sanders County Democrats    P.O. Box 1491    Thompson Falls, MT  59873

Stay Engaged; Stay Active; Stay Strong

Should you be willing to donate to our small, but mighty rural Democratic Party, link to

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, organized citizens

can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."

~ Margaret Mead

Mission Statement
Sanders County Democrats

In pursuit of Justice, the Sanders County Democrats (hereafter referred to as SCD), will:

  • Promote active engagement and service on common ground issues;​

  • Strive for unity as we provide honest and true information related to Local, State and National legislation;

  • Participate in coordinated efforts in elections for candidates at the Local, State, and National levels reflecting Democratic values.

Self Governance Agreements:​

  • Respect Differences

  • Encourage Equality​

  • Support Sanders County and Its Citizens

Organizational Objectives and Structure

The previously separated Sanders County Democrats and the Sanders County Democratic Central Committee will be joined into one entity. We wish to promote the values expressed in the Montana Democratic Party Platform through social and educational means. In particular, we wish to focus our attention and effort toward achieving platform objectives in the following areas of interest: 

  • Human and Civil Rights, that supports justice and equality of opportunity for all

  • Veterans Affairs, that honors and provides for active Military as well as Veterans

  • Public Education, that provides equitable educational opportunity and funding

  • Health and Human Services, that ensures quality of life for all 

  • Public Lands, including hunting, fishing, and recreational access along with stewardship of our natural resources

  • Energy Policies, that promote sustainability and confronts global climate change

  • Good Government, that provides for needed infrastructure for community, commerce, and culture


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Click here to download or view a copy of our Brochure. It contains a lot of information about our group and activities.

Note: You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. The free download is available here.

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