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         Fast and Furious

February 23, 2021

The bills coming in are hell-bent-for-leather, and we should be furious. To quote from the state publication, Under the Rotunda: By Wednesday, we expect nearly 150 bills to be heard in committee and well over 200 to be heard by the end of the week. We’ll be seeing Republican bills infringing on worker’s rights, destroying civil liberties, and ruining Montana’s finances for decades to come. The Republicans are even talking about aliens. The one thing we aren’t seeing Republicans do anything about, jobs. The party of jobs continues to wage war on the service industry by establishing mandatory tip pooling in order to pay workers less. They already refused to increase the minimum wage. They’re showing they don’t care about improving the lives of Montanans, they only care about they’re out-of-state friends who “live” in the Yellowstone Club. More details of the many bills can be found here: Bill tracker Week 8.

Thank you to the Gallatin County DemocratS!

They provided this clear list  for our week-at-a-glance. Support or oppose these bills with calls, messaging, and testimony to the Committees or Legislators that are involved. The spreadsheet attached will help with deadline dates and committee locations (or use MTFP Capital Tracker below)


House Energy, Telecom & Federal Relations

  • HB 315 - establish and fund a suicide prevention hotline with an easy three-digit number, 988.

House Energy, Telecom & Federal Relations

  • HB 284 – provides a living wage for all

  • HB 378 – creates a mini-cobra for small employer health insurance plans

Senate Judiciary

  • SB256 – would make it illegal to gate a public road

House Floor

  • HB 403 – provides for a public teacher grant program


Senate Floor

  • SB 215 - allows any person, business, or other entity to claim that their religion gives them the right to discriminate against others.

  • SB 223 - compels law enforcement to engage in immigration issues, which could increase racial profiling

  • SB 159 - reduces the tax rate for Montanan’s top tax bracket, at the expense of investments in health care, education and infrastructure

  • SB 182 - would implement a complex structure to trigger income tax cuts when Montana experiences higher than expected revenue and ending fund balances. More than 2/3 of the benefit would go to the wealthiest 20%

  • SB 158 - allow legislators to conceal carry handguns on state property

House Floor

  • HB 427 - the “new” HB 113 and would ban transgender minors from accessing gender-affirming medical treatment. HB 113 died in the House, but they just can’t seem to let it go

  • HB 337 - redefines the definition of person in the MT Constitution to include a fetus, and has ramifications that could remove access to abortion and even contraception.

House State Administration

  • HB 455 - dramatically changes Montana’s absentee voting system by eliminating the permanent absentee list, requiring ballots be mailed to voter’s residence address

House Human Services

  • HB 339 - would require child support cooperation for food stamp eligibility and is another attempt to decrease services and kick people off of food stamps.

House Education

  • HB 329 - would allow students with disabilities to attend private school funded by public education funds.

  • HB 279 - increases qualified education tax credit for private scholarship funds. Tax credits for private education divert public funding from public schools, forcing the majority of Montana’s schools to do more with less.

House Judiciary

  • HJ 11 - resolution designating “ANTIFA” as domestic terrorism in Montana. This bill is a waste of time and resources, especially considering Montana has the highest number of hate groups per capita in the country.

House Business and Labor

  • HB 316 - another bill that limits local control of public health decisions

House Energy, Telecom and Federal Relations

  • HB 359 - would reduce the value of solar credits by about 70%. This will increase the time it takes to pay off a solar investment by decades, and, according to the MREA, will deal a deadly blow to the renewable industry in Montana, costing hundreds of good-paying jobs and sinking many small Montana businesses.

Links For Voicing Your Opinion:

Thank you to the Montana Free Press

The Montana Free Press has created this fabulously useful site: MTFP Capital Tracker


Along with the Montana Legislative home page, you will find a wealth of information.

Be effective: Make "good trouble"!

Mindy Ferrell, Chair

Annual membership for 2021:  $15/person    Sanders County Democrats    P.O. Box 1491    Thompson Falls, MT  59873

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, organized citizens

can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."

~ Margaret Mead

Mission Statement
Sanders County Democrats

In pursuit of Justice, the Sanders County Democrats (hereafter referred to as SCD), will:

  • Promote active engagement and service on common ground issues;​

  • Strive for unity as we provide honest and true information related to Local, State and National legislation;

  • Participate in coordinated efforts in elections for candidates at the Local, State, and National levels reflecting Democratic values.

Self Governance Agreements:​

  • Respect Differences

  • Encourage Equality​

  • Support Sanders County and Its Citizens

Organizational Objectives and Structure

The previously separated Sanders County Democrats and the Sanders County Democratic Central Committee will be joined into one entity. We wish to promote the values expressed in the Montana Democratic Party Platform through social and educational means. In particular, we wish to focus our attention and effort toward achieving platform objectives in the following areas of interest: 

  • Human and Civil Rights, that supports justice and equality of opportunity for all

  • Veterans Affairs, that honors and provides for active Military as well as Veterans

  • Public Education, that provides equitable educational opportunity and funding

  • Health and Human Services, that ensures quality of life for all 

  • Public Lands, including hunting, fishing, and recreational access along with stewardship of our natural resources

  • Energy Policies, that promote sustainability and confronts global climate change

  • Good Government, that provides for needed infrastructure for community, commerce, and culture

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