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Montana's Legislative Session


Legislative Updates

February 16, 2021

Into the Bracing Wind

Mindy has tried to organize the many bills being presented. See the attached spreadsheet and interact as best you can. 

Take special note of the date for action shown for each bill

For talking points, please go to their advising group’s web sites. Use Montana’s Legislative Website to be impactful and effective.


Opinions You Should Read

Other Important Sources of Information

Make your voice heard

Legislative Updates: Week 7

(Please note that this spreadsheet will display best on a larger screen, such as a desktop computer. You may need to scroll to see the lower rows, and on mobile devices, you will need to scroll in both directions.)

Below we will post the major bills before the legislature every week, along with voting schedules, brief explanations of the bills, and recommendations for how we'd like the vote to go. Contact information for our local officials can be found here, so that you may reach out to them to express your concerns and thoughts.

The measures in rows 1 through 4 (HB 102), can be commented on at this time. The others are shown to let you know what happened with bills from the past week.


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