Legislative Wrap Up

We stood up.  We spoke out. We stayed strong.

Remember all those legislative updates we sent out during the session? They’re compiled below into our “win”/”loss” table of all the bills we tracked. We did pretty darn well. Bills highlighted in green are ones that went the way we desired; those in red didn’t. Also listed are bills that got held up or died during a particular stage of enactment. Listed is the voting record on those bills by Sen. Fielder, Rep. Brown, and Rep. Loge. It’s important that we hold their record into account come the next election cycle. Fielder is termed out for a Senate seat, but not for other positions. An explanation: N = “no”; Y = “yes”; E = excused from a recorded vote because they were absent; and NA = no voting opportunity available.

Thanks to all of you who stayed involved with your many emails and calls. We made a big difference. And, of course, a big thanks to Governor Bullock who also heard your voice to veto many bills at the very end. 

The 2019 Session by the numbers:

  • 3,324 = Draft Bill Requests

  • 1,309 = Introduced Bills

  • 270,131 = Number of Floor Votes 

  • 87 = Number of Legislative Days

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Montana State Legislative Session 2019

Sanders County Democrats Legislative Wrap-Up Summary

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